Authorised Doorstep HP Laptop, HP Printer Service Center in Ennore


When you have problem with the HP printer all you need to do is to call our HP printer service center in Ennore. That is what you need to do and then be relaxed. After the initial call booking from the customer, our person calls back the customer to confirm about the printer service. We ask them about the printer model number, then we ask about the printer issue, then we ask whether the customer needs doorstep service or whether they are going to bring the printer to the service center, then we ask their address and after that we proceed with the service call. The best option given to the customers by our service center is that we offer doorstep service. When asked by our people during call confirmation, most of the time customers ask for doorstep service. This process is a bit hard for us but we have people ready to go to the customer’s place for printer service and that is the backbone of our center. We make the printer work and while returning we make sure that the printer is cleaned and looks good as new. The printer is rolled in plastic sheet so that no dust accumulates on the printer. Our HP printer service center in Ennore provides only service. For accessories sales contact showroom.

hp printer service center in ennore, hp laptop service center in ennore


Our HP laptop service center in Ennore has done something which no other center can do. We have shuffled our service center timings because some customers ask for laptop service at off time. They say they will come back from work in the evening and ask the possibility of service after that time. And also many office goers ask for laptop service at the weekends. We never say no and make sure the service is provided even on weekends. With other centers what they do is never work on sundays and this lets off lot of customers. From the customer point of view they try calling the service center on sunday and if are not able to connect they have to wait till next sunday. This is a problem for them and to make sure that the customers are not made to face hardship we work hard and run an extra shift on weekends exclusively for such customers. Our HP laptop service center in Ennore also has the extended time for receiving calls. Although the service is limited to a certain period of time we make sure that at least the customer calls are picked even at late hours and their queries are responded. Contact our Authorised HP Printer service center in Gopalapuram and Authorised HP Laptop service center in Gopalapuram for doorstep service in that area.