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Printer is one of the consumer electrical product which is very important. It plays an important part in day to day work of the office. It has to be in working condition all day long to keep the work of the office in progress. From printing invoice, printing bills, printing documents till never ending requirement of the printer can be seen from day to day work. Not only in office but also at residence the printers plays an important part. Many people use printers for printing college projects. Small children use them for printing photos and charts. Even generally it can be used as a study material. But what if the printer faces a problem and stops working. Don’t need to worry. Just give a call to our authorised HP printer service center in Mount Road, Anna Salai. We have a very good team of service engineers who are well trained and equiped to repair the printers immediately. The best part is that we provide doorstep printer service all over Chennai. The onsite service helps the customers in many ways. They don’t have to take leave from their work and neither do they have to carry their printers to service centers. That is why we have been regarded as best printer repairing center.


We provide service for all models of hp printers. Models of deskjet, inkjet and laserjet is done. Printers, Scanners and Copier troubleshooting is done. We provide service for general printer issues and also upto board level servicing. Paper jam issues, paper feeding troubles, roller issues, margin problems, light printing problems, alignment problems, multiple paper fetching problems, etc all are cleared by our hp printer service center in Mount Road, Anna Salai. At our centers you can also avail printer exchange and buyback on all models of printers. But before exchange and buyback we have to take a look at the condition of the printer and depending on the printer we provide you with the best quote. Our hp printer service centers in Mount Road, Anna Salai provides service all over Chennai. Mount Road which has many offices has many computers in each office. Each and every office has many computers and some offices even has more than hundreds of desktops. But laptops are different from desktops. When the power is off than laptops can become very handy. Laptops can work for many hours without the power supply due to its battery backup. This is what differentiates it between the laptop and desktop. Because nowadays almost all the laptops comes with wifi connectivity it helps the people to use it from the place where they want and it helps people in many ways. Imagine if there is a power shutdown and an emergency work has to be done than laptop can come to the rescue. Such is the importance of hp laptops. Our authorised HP laptop service center in Mount Road, Anna Salai provides solutions for all problems of hp laptops. Contact our Authorised HP Printer service center in Mugalivakkam and Authorised HP Laptop service center in Mugalivakkam for doorstep service in that area.

Our Services:

* General Troubleshooting

* Board Level Servicing

* Toners

* Cartridges

* Exchange and Buyback

* Doorstep Service Offered

* Deskjet Models

* Inkjet Models

* Laserjet Models


Mount Road is a very busy place in Chennai. Our HP service center in Mount Road has been providing service for HP laptops in that area. With so many offices and working place there, the demand for service is on the increase every day. But we have a great and big team to meet the daily need for laptops and desktop service. With many service engineers who are very much experienced and who are also capable of providing many service works on a single day we respond well. Laptops if not working can cause lot of issues to the office work and hence it is very important to get it ready immediately. So if there is need, do give a call to our center and our person will be attending the calls very soon. Our HP service center in Mount Road has done well in servicing all HP products such as HP laptops, desktops and monitors. We have also addressed issues regarding other computer problems. Laptops can come up with different problems. It has wifi issues, it comes up with keypad problems, it comes up with touch screen issues. With all these problems which are different from desktops it is better to always hand it to the best service engineers at our centers.

Our HP service centers in Mount Road has a service team who work on rotational basis and this has enabled us to give work even on weekends. Many people ask us to come on weekends because that is the time when they also have time off. Because it is doorstep service they want us to either come in the evening or at weekends. That is why our company has planned the process and we have service engineers who do work on weekends to provide service. We provide general service, we provide up gradation of the laptops and desktops, we provide installation of OS, we provide installation of basic software, we provide installation of the educational software, we provide software which are for kids, we provide software which are required in work places, etc. We provide service and also sales of the accessories. Keyboards, mouse, wifi mouse, wifi keyboard, monitors, etc. are sold. The one thing which one must not forget is the doorstep service which we provide. This is in fact a tough work but our HP service centers in Mount Road has been good in doing this work effortlessly.


Anna Salai which is otherwise called as Mount Road runs in the center of Chennai and has many offices and houses. Anna Salai is purely know for its commercial purpose and many offices working there. There we have a great customer source of HP laptops and HP desktops. Our HP service centers in Mount Road has become the best among many service centers due to its hard work and quick response. Servicing a laptop is not a simple issue. Yes sometimes installation of operating system and other software is not any problem. But when there is major problem the laptops can cause big trouble not only to the customers but also for us. Our HP service centers in Mount Road has experience people who have been working on laptops for many years. The interior parts of the laptops are very much different from the desktops. The working feature of the laptops parts are also very different and this also needs a work from experience persons. Many companies do not offer after sales service. Their main aim is to sell the products and once they do it they forget the customers. But our brand takes the customer service in an extremely serious way.

We can pinpoint many companies who do sell products with huge marketing method. But we are not telling that their products are not good. The laptops and desktops which other people sell are also good but this is not enough for the customers. At any point of time the laptops and desktops can cause problem. When it does happen the customers want it to get it back in working condition as soon as possible. Our HP service center in Mount Road provides this with great care. We are not only into selling products but also want to support the customers when they are in real need. We make their laptops and desktops come back to work and support the customers even after the service is done. With many other brands they don’t even care for the customers when their product is under warranty. At this juncture the customer will really get frustrated and will never want to buy any product in the same brand. That is why our HP service center in Anna Salai strives to give good service to the customers.